Conservatives Cuts Will Cancel SkyTrain Extensions

Conservatives Cuts Will Cancel SkyTrain Extensions


Vancouver, BC – Andrew Scheer’s plan to make $18 billion in deep cuts to infrastructure would mean cancelling SkyTrain extensions across the Lower Mainland.

“The Conservative cuts platform has no money for the SkyTrain extensions. While our communities continue to grow and the need for investment in public transit infrastructure continues to grow with them, Andrew Scheer has confirmed that he wants to return to Stephen Harper’s decade of underinvestment and neglect of British Columbia,” said John Aldag, the Liberal candidate for Cloverdale—Langley City.

Aldag was referring to comments by New Westminster Mayor Jonathan Cote:

“We were very surprised that the Conservative platform included billions of dollars for subway expansion in Toronto but completely left Metro Vancouver out of the equation and we’re a bit puzzled as to why,” said Jonathan Cote, Mayor of New Westminster and Chair of the TransLink Mayors’ Council. “This could have a really negative impact on our transportation system and congestion. These are vitally important transportation projects and ultimately without support from the next Federal government, projects will be delayed indefinitely.”
(News 1130, October 12, 2019)

“The Liberal government has proven that we are at the table and ready to move forward and invest in these critical projects for the Lower Mainland. It is disappointing, but not surprising,” said Aldag, “that the Conservatives are again prioritizing tax cuts for the wealthiest Canadians instead of making necessary investments in public transit that will help British Columbians get where they need to be.”

“Now we know why Andrew Scheer waited until the Friday night of a long weekend to release his Cuts Plan. He thinks Canadians won’t notice the $53 billion in cuts, including $18 billion in infrastructure,” said Liberal candidate for Surrey Centre, Randeep Sarai. “Canadians have seen the devastating cuts that Conservative politicians make. Unlike the Conservatives, we have a plan to invest in people and move B.C. forward – for everyone.”